Title: « Flowers of the Future: Dobra Voda »
* Dobra Voda: the good water in Slovakian

Original title: « Fleurs du Futur: Dobra Voda »
Support: Dvd, Blu ray, Apple ProRes 422 LT
Format: HD
Screen ratio: 16/9
Speed: 25 i
Length: 62 mn

Original version in French, with English, Slovakian and Spanish dubbed sequences.
Full dubbing versions : English, Spanish.

Production year: 2015

Production: Valliance
Lyon – France

Director: Valérie Valette
Images: Valérie Valette, Thierry Simonet, Fabien Blanchon
Editing: Carlos Pérez Rojas, Valérie Valette, Sophie Comtet-Kouyaté
Design: Fred Aujas