We invite you to open the door to a viable, fair and pleasant Future for all …

“Flowers of the Future” is a concept proposing audio-visual creations, written considerations, free exchanges
to stimulate reflection about the coming of a New Paradigm.

You can contribute by your participation to the harmonious construction of a new local and global logic.

To feed your thinking, your hope and your action, you can find here:

– the documentary “Agua Boa” *
 A successful and concrete experience of a political will combined with a spiritual ethics :
the socio-environmental program called “Cultivando Agua Boa” implanted in Brasil.

– the documentary “Dobra Voda” *
How to refresh and to restore the climate, rapidly and easily, thanks to the small water cycles,

exclusive interviews with international leading experts,

– the Youtube Channel of Valliance.

** Agua Boa and Dobra Voda mean “good water” in Portugues and Slovakian.


Water, the key to Life, the common point of all life on Earth.

A universal crossroads where all the biological destinies of the planet intersect and on which the balance of our biosphere depends.

Water is also sharing par excellence.

Addressing the theme of water means linking all human and natural activities to each other.
It is involved in all exchanges, whether chemical, organic, economic, social, cultural or spiritual.
Our Water documentaries – Agua Boa and Dobra Voda – demonstrate the extraordinary powers of water when it is placed at the centre of thought and action.

To observe and study water, its path, its multiple transformations, is to return to the fundamental rules that are indispensable
to preserve life and harmony on the blue planet.